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“We have been working together for almost 8 years. That time has been well spent executing the brand and communications strategies for both our internal and external audiences. The value they have added – by using strong strategic thinking and ‘best of breed’ creative, means they have repeatedly proven themselves”


Robert Levy – National Marketing Manager


Established in 1964, New Zealand Couriers (NZC) is widely recognised as one of New Zealand’s super brands.

In 2007, NZC was beginning to face stiffer competition and needed to maintain a strong relevance with its customer base up and down the country. In the same year Voice joined the push to help the client gain more momentum and continue its heritage of innovation and great Kiwi customer care.

“We are incredibly proud of the work we have completed with NZC. With the help of Rob and his team we have work at all levels of the brand reviewing and scrutinising many of the customer points of contact. The result is, in my view, one of the most cohesive brands in the New Zealand B2B arena”, says Jonathan Sagar, Voice Creative Director.


Like many enterprise level businesses, the NZC brand affects many customer touch-points throughout the company, both internally and externally. Over the following 8 years, with our help, NZC systematically overhauled their brand and communication touch points. This included:

  • Strategy and positioning
  • New logo evolution and tagline
  • Visual identity development
  • Corporate communications and stationery
  • Product, sales and customer user guides
  • Express packs and courier tickets
  • Signage, truck and van livery
  • Internal engagement/ values/ attitudes development
  • Annual business strategy communication development
  • Staff newsletters
  • Website content and project management

Projects completed by Voice

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Characteristic of all Voice brand work, a strong strategy has remained as the backbone for activity.

“Research told us that customers felt the NZC brand delivered excellent reliability but lacked some flexibility around their interactions. It also highlighted the importance of information around the delivery for customers. We developed the tagline “We’ve got it sorted” to directly answer those issues. We then worked hard to stack up our activities behind that claim”.

The customer-facing tagline ‘We’ve got it sorted’ became the catchphrase for driving internal improvement. Below the tagline, key messages like customer centricity, friendliness, flexibility and responsiveness were used to directly oppose the competitors’ more ‘technology based’ approach, and to communicate the need for staff to turn their attentions towards the customer without forsaking network reliability.

8 years on and NZC is a customer-focussed organisation with year on year growth that communicates and delivers a promise of getting it sorted for its customers.

Projects completed by Voice

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