How do you hold brand relevance within a shrinking industry?

New Zealand’s only dedicated business mail specialist, DX Mail, wanted to elevate their brand in a way that would emphasise their extensive capabilities.

When competitor NZ Post decreased their standard mail delivery to 3 days per week, DX Mail saw an increase in market share. New Zealand owned as a subsidiary of Freightways Group and delivering 5 days a week across air, road and line-haul connections, DX Mail had competitive positives to boast. Voice sought to capture this opportunity through brand, helping the business to fulfil its potential and move it into a more contemporary place.

Voice exercised its expertise in finding clarity with the development of a positioning that communicated their next day delivery USP as a simple expression of a forward-thinking business. The logo remained untouched, around it, the Visual Identity refresh incorporated crisp photography of authentic smiling people to demonstrate a Kiwi can-do attitude and a sense of human reliability and energy.

The result, a pointed and beautifully crafted brand refresh across stationery, print collateral and web, delivering communication for a company who is proud to deliver.


DX Mail


Brand Strategy, Visual Identity, Photography, Stationery

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