DynaSpeak (part of Te Wananga o Aotearoa, The University of New Zealand) is an English language school for international students and recent immigrants. Every year DynaSpeak celebrates the Maori New Year and print their very own Matariki calendar. A long-term client, Voice has worked with DynaSpeak since completing their 2012 rebrand and the calendar has become a special annual project for both client and agency.

Voice’s challenge was to capture the spirit of Matariki and develop the calendar into a striking keepsake and beautiful promotion of a festival specific to New Zealand. The project provides a great platform to share the Maori culture and language with DynaSpeak’s students, alumni and partners. Each calendar features a unique collection of whakatauki (Maori proverbs) brought to life by beautiful imagery. The whakatauki offer a poetic and memorable form of Te Reo Maori, often merging historical events, or holistic perspectives with pithy messages.

The subversive nature of a calendar that begins mid-year provides an opportunity for DynaSpeak to have an enduring presence and survive the December / January calendar toss. Eagerly anticipated by staff and students, DynaSpeak’s Matariki Calendar offers a contemporary view of Maoridom and has become a charming talking point for their customers in New Zealand and overseas.




Matariki Calendar

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