In a real estate mad city, where image is highly valued, how do you enter a high yield/ highly competitive industry, and do it in a way that still remains true to your own high personal values. That was the problem that was facing Sydney-based client Dino Biordi. He came to Voice to work it out.

Voice were keen to first understand Dino’s personal drivers and to weave his enthusiasm and the unique way he looked at the world into the brand of his business – a property management business that believes in true customer service, dealing with high value clients in a transparent and respectful manner. 

From a brand perspective Luna straddles the fine line between self-expression and commercialism – a brand that needed to engage its owner most importantly, feel contemporary and modern to him and something he could promote,  build trust and capability to his prospective client base, yet create sufficient distance between itself and its mature, entrenched competition.

A tall order, that both client and agency are proud of accomplishing.


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