Southpark Corporation needed to begin the digital conversation for Market Cove – a wonderful master planned residential development set to go up in the far eastern shores of Auckland’s Manukau Harbour.

“The development was still in the planning phases so the first thing we needed to do was develop all the assets for the website from scratch” says Digital Director Jake Burdess. “It was also really important, since the brand visual identity was so stunning, that we translated the brand perfectly to the online environment. I think we were very successful on counts”.

With the Market Cove project moving through a number of build phases, the website also needed to shift its purpose when the need arose. In the short term Voice designed the site to act as an informer as consents and applications were placed, helping local government, community members and Iwi keep abreast of activities. Once the project broke ground, the site was designed to become a fully functional sales tool driving enquiry and purchases. “From the outset this site was built to be a fully operational real estate agency website complete with search functions, property listing capability and sales people directory. This functionality is all there, just hidden until we need it”, said Jake. “Changing the site to a sales tool is simple and inexpensive. It’s a real benefit for the client to have all the functionality they need from day one”. 

Market Cove is set to hit the Auckland property market in latter part of 2015.


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