When you have over 500 trucks and vans spread up and down the country, as the most visible communication of your brand, where the cost to change is enormous, it is of the utmost importance that you get it the vehicle livery right.

With the recent development of a new logo, New Zealand Couriers saw the opportunity to also refresh the livery of their nationwide fleet. Once the project was scoped, a number of considerations needed to be addressed:

  • The logistics of applying the livery nationwide
  • Creative that would stand the test of time – potentially for 10 years or more
  • Execution of creative across numerous van types and sizes, trucks, trailers and articulated units, ensuring the brand remained intact
  • Cost per production and install
  • LTSA regulations around coverage of windows and panels

 Voice and client worked hard to ensure the vehicles looked good, reflected the brand successfully and held attention internally. “The NZC team as a whole are obviously proud of their vehicles – they understand the need for them to look sharp and clean. The new livery had to engage staff and be seen as a clear improvement, for it to be successful. And, when you see a fully signed ‘B-Train’ on the road, the effect is actually quite compelling”, says Neil Sparksman, Voice Account Director.


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