Brand strategy and visual identity complete, client Oji Fibre Solutions, previously Carter Holt Harvey, moved their attention to the implementation of the new signage programme across their eight independent business units.

“Its was an enormous project and probably at the time one of the largest signage projects in the country” says Business Director Jacqui Stevens. “Encompassing thirty four locations across two countries the project was informed by a complex way-finding necessity, a stringent OSH requirement and the harsh conditions of the mills. In many ways the signage project became one of the fullest expressions of the new brand and for the geographically diverse workforce, a highly anticipated emblem of change for the business”.

A dedicated team, consistent reverse engineering of the overarching concepts and a thorough feedback mechanism meant the project expressed easily and quickly into the real, pragmatic world of Oji Fibre Solutions.  Complex activation necessitated a highly collaborative loop between client, design and signage companies – collectively achieving a result to be proud of.


Oji Fibre Solutions/ Carter Holt Harvey

What we did

Signage: Wayfinding, Brand Application and Sign Implementation

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