A long standing relationship that started some ten years ago, parent company Kaipara Limited and Voice have worked hard over the years to make Pine Harbour a great place to ‘Live Work and Play’.

 From the outset the Pine Harbour marina and development needed to follow a master plan that would realise its fullest opportunity.  Voice helped to translate the master plan into a digestible set of actions for the brand, helping to form the character, feel, market appeal and eventually the success of the area.

A complete branding process ensued including strategy, logo, visual identity and communications. “Pine Harbour was a complete brand, developed from the ground up”, says Jonathan Sagar.  “And its continued success and relevance is testament to the work completed all those years ago”.

Recently, new development phases were released at Pine Harbour including three new developments; The Landing, The Brae and The Quarters.

The Landing

The Brae

The Quarters


Pine Harbour/ Kaipara Limited

What we did

Brand Strategy and Positioning, Logo and Visual Identity Design, Marketing and Sales Collateral

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