How do you capture the uniqueness of Ponsonby Road in a brand?

Voice’s challenge was to develop a brand for the Ponsonby Business Association that positioned Ponsonby Road as a unique, relevant and compelling destination in the minds of visitors, as well as instilling a sense of community and belonging in its residents. The brand also needed to attract new investment and entice business owners to move into the area.

Voice realised that to do Ponsonby Road justice, it would have to create an honest and simple brand that captured Ponsonby’s rich, colourful heritage and reflected the real Ponsonby – authentic, eclectic, creative and cool.

“There is an inherent ‘hipness’ in Ponsonby Road that no other suburb can claim,” says Voice Director Jonathan Sagar. “We wanted to tap into this idea and use it as the driving force to position the Ponsonby brand and develop its identity.”

With this in mind, Voice developed a simple message to convey a big idea. ‘Ponsonby Road: Auckland’s Hippest Strip’ expresses what the brand is about in a way that reflects the ‘laid back cool’ of the suburb – enticing visitors and businesses and making residents feel proud to be part of it.

From here Voice designed a visual signature, guidelines and stationery as well as marketing and communications design.

“The identity works because it appeals to the creative, cool and quirky individual without being snobby. It opens its doors and let’s you decide whether you want to come in.”


Ponsonby Business Association

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Strategy development, naming, campaign development and marketing collateral

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