With the creation of a sales arm to their large property development portfolio, Auckland developer Southpark Corp wanted a strategy that would make sense of their digital presence, be a powerful profile and sales tool for their work and have the ability to expand and grow with them.

Voice immediately saw the opportunity to give this new brand a strong start to life and set to work to realise it for the client.  A complicated build, with many components to consider, the Southpark Property build included:

  • A single scrolling site to create and hold user attention
  • A large full screen image grid to show off property imagery
  • An intuitive search function that would globally search the site for properties, price range or people
  • A multi-level approach that managed the presence and content of the parent and sub brands, the developments, the individual properties and the people that were selling them
  • The ability to manage multiple entry points and user expectations including; property buyers and sellers, real estate professionals, local government and authorities  
  • Legal compliancy, meeting all requirements of the REAA
  • Normal hygiene factor around optimisation, responsiveness, content management and amends

In the next six months, the Southpark Property site will manage the online brand, presence and profile for up to four major Auckland property developments and some 400 individual addresses for sale at any one time.  Management of this extraordinary amount of content, detail and enquiry will be easily actioned by the client and their marketing/ sales team, through the capability and smarts of the site. 



Southpark Property

What we did

Brand Strategy and Positioning, Logo and Visual Identity Design, Digital Strategy, Website Development

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