Located in Melbourne, the Victoria neighbourhood community support and education scheme is a thriving not-for-profit network with a superb heritage of supporting their communities at a grassroots level.

Two neighbourhood houses, in different locations, grown out of the needs of the communities they reside in – needed to come together to form a dynamic, future-focussed entity that was bigger than the both of them. Voice, along with our Melbourne partners Good Business Matters, formed a project team set-up to find out what made these houses tick and how a revitalised brand could help create a step change for the new organisation.

The pressure to succeed was felt by the Board, the management and the teams of both houses – creating immense energy and positive impetus for change. For the brand project team, consideration of the cultural differences of both houses and the need for a friendly, resonant brand that crossed age groups, language barriers and ethnicities needed to be the end game. A brand that would symbolise a catalyst of change for the underserved people of Melbourne’s suburbs, through purpose and contribution. 

The Bridge became the name that took the new organisation forward – beneath it, a brand positioning that stated “Working together, you are stronger and more effective than alone” and set the strategic tone; the understanding of purpose, growth and most importantly, engagement of those who would make a success of the new venture.

The Bridge brand was launched on November 2016.


Preston Thornbury Neighbourhood Houses

What we did

Brand Strategy and Positioning, Naming, Logo and Visual Identity, Stationery and Signage

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