In 1998 Vodafone established itself in New Zealand, acquiring the Bell South business. At the time, Bell South’s market share was only 19% and the prevailing viewpoint internally was ‘how can we possibly compete’ with the dominant national provider Telecom New Zealand.

The challenge was how to grow the business – justifying the investment of the parent company – and to do so without any significant product or technology advantages.

Voice saw that in order to become a brand of choice, Vodafone needed a sustainable point of differentiation. They had the opportunity to engage customer’s hearts and minds, and they could do this by becoming a values-based brand.

Working closely with an inspirational CEO and strong HR leadership, Voice led the development and articulation of a set of inspirational values that would define the internal branding and overlay the foundation (core) values, including excellence and integrity. We created a major internal communications program to leadtransformation through employee engagement with the values and brand purpose. The physical work environment was transformed, special brand rooms were created and senior executives began to work in an open plan space alongside their people. The Vodafone leadership team’s total commitment to the values-based organisation was a vital factor, and when combined with the inspiration of the new values, Vodafone’s people began to live the internal branding right across the business, from call centre to retail store, and the market started to notice the difference.

Vodafone became one of the strongest employment brands in New Zealand, with staff rating overall satisfaction and employee engagement at 84%, importance of passion for customers at 97%, and their role in supporting the company strategy at 88%. Most importantly, the business results speak for themselves: Vodafone increased its market share from 19% to 53% and brand recognition from 3% to 99%.

“The real value that Voice added was in the alignment of everything we do and the consistency of messaging. This initiative provided us with tools that are powerful, simple, non-corporate and really work for employees so that they now pervade everything we do. It has been a corner stone of building a strong culture.”
Jan Mottram – HR Director



What we did

Internal culture strategy and transformation / vision and values development / internal communication strategy and implementation / event management

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