VBA opening doors in Hong Kong

We’re thrilled to announce the opening of our new studio in Hong Kong. Centrally located in the mid levels of Hong Kong Island, the studio is right in the heart of the island nation’s buzzing business district. With the new location comes our Hong Kong based sister company and creative powerhouse, CU

Together with our Beijing studio, this move further consolidates our presence in the region. “ We are extremely excited to be collaborating with VOICE! Indeed, the buoyant China and Asia markets pose great opportunities in particular for “Western” brands. Being able to leverage our newly comprehensive services and experiences will help brands to enter this complex and dynamic region with smart strategies, planning and activation”. Eileen and Sherri – CU Hong Kong “We see our move as having a two-fold benefit to New Zealand companies,” explains Jonathan. “Firstly it enables us to offer a unique perspective and on-the-ground expert advice to New Zealand businesses looking to enter the dynamic Hong Kong market as a ‘jump off’ point of entry to China. Secondly it allows us to maintain our speciality – brand, but extend our relevance and offer a more complete solution to clients. Having strong alliances and a team in Hong Kong that understands the nuances of Asia, means our work is that much more robust, thought-through and targeted. It’s a great step for Voice, and for so many of our clients.”