Ponsonby. Brand development

City precincts, just like any other business or industry vie for our foot traffic and attention. Be it competition for our disposable income or our investment dollar, precincts like Ponsonby Road look to amplify themselves in ways that build their character and strike chords with their target market. Clarity of purpose, followed through with great creative is the equation Voice and the Ponsonby Business Association (PBA) have used over the last few years.

In our fifth year of a part pro-bono relationship with PBA they have seen positive growth of 5% in sales and an overall 9% increase in transactions. Yet other Auckland areas continue to be aggressive at asserting themselves, spurring the decision by agency and client to revitalise the PBA brand look and feel.

The timeless aesthetic of Hipness, since Ponsonby is the home of the Auckland hipster, meant the PBA brand needed to be a true expression of what it is to be the hip strip. “Hip is confidence, individual, tolerant, a mix of high tech, but retro/ environmental cool. It’s an interesting aesthetic that we had fun designing into the PBA brand.” says Jonathan Sagar, VOICE Principal.

With a new brand identity Ponsonby once again has a relevant clear brand that communicates their unique position to residents and visitors of the Auckland street scape. Keep an eye out for expressions of this new brand identity as it rolls out over the next few months.