The Provider brand development

Here is a lesson in collaboration. Take one multinational bottle maker, add one tertiary educator and a classroom of keen design students, add NZTE, PWC, The New Zealand Brewers Guild and VOICE. Then focus the team with a brief to develop a bottle that would take New Zealand craft beer to the Asia markets.

A large brief, with numerous avenues to investigate, VOICE’s role was to mentor the students during the design process (Unitec) and once complete, name, brand and create the collateral needed to sell this initiative to would-be craft beer exporters.

VOICE worked with the design team to ensure the project and the collateral remained customers orientated, that Asian customs and cultures were woven into the fabric of the bottle, the name and the sales material. “The Provider” was born. Two bottles, 888mls and 258 mls, made to share, to be unique and to speak of New Zealand to Asian beer drinkers – values of clarity, innovation and transparency.

This project was just completed in July 2015. Yet, if the collaboration team has anything to do with it, The Provider will be the bottle that launches and solidifies New Zealand craft beer brands into the biggest beer market in the world.