What is a brand strategy?

In the face of disruption to many established categories of business, it is sensible to consider what we should be thinking about to ensure customer loyalty and continued success. It’s useful to ask some fundamental questions about the state of your brand, as this will quickly identify areas where answers are needed. An effective brand strategy requires focused thought and clarity that goes beyond the obvious considerations of logo, catchy phrases or a current campaign.

A brand strategy starts with a few basis ideas.

Start with the customer. What is it about your brand or business that attracts customers? Do you know, or simply assume? How is the level of service defined, does it fit with contemporary expectations of UX (user experience), or not? What are the ‘associations’ your brand brings to mind, where are you positioned in the market – as a commodity lost in same-ness and driven down by price pressure or do you stand for something customers value and will pay a premium for?

Brand strategy is the discipline that answers these questions and brand development will create the framework for ongoing success.

This is the work we do. In partnering with our clients to answer these questions, we identify and redefine how your most important audiences see you – from the outside in and the inside out.


Social media has brought down the barriers between the ‘company’ and the consumer. The inside and outside worlds communicate, share ideas and opinions and when there is congruency between your employee experience, the company ethos and the experience of your customers – the world is a positive place. A corporate branding strategy recognises the powerful influence of your people. Whether your business is B2B or B2C or you manufacture an amazing consumer product, it’s your people who bring the brand to life and represent what you stand for.

Global, iconic companies like Apple have a reputation as great places to work for a reason – they know that the corporate culture is one of the key levers in brand building. You want the smartest people to work for you… you want to create above average products – iconic even… start on the inside with a well-defined corporate culture that mirrors the brand you want to create. We know more about this process than most, our strategy and internal brand design team has worked with global leaders to build cultures that rock. Why not reach for the stars?


As a leading brand development agency, we know what it takes to build brands consumers love. The brands that have a ‘place in our hearts’ are those whose image, and story go further than meeting consumer’s practical needs – they speak to our aspirations. Nike is about more than functional sports attire, it’s about the aspiration to strive, to go further, to ‘just do it’ – be all you can be, and the global megastars of sport are the inspiration. When you’re celebrating a momentous occasion just any ‘bubbly’ won’t do – only the magic woven by the Dom Perignon or Veuve Cliquot brand story will rise to the occasion. We might not be in the business of shaping the global sporting lifestyle or marketing iconic French champagne, but the power of brand is available to every business, and every product.

You can shape the position you have in the market and the associations consumers make with your brand. Being a hipster isn’t absolutely necessary either!

Brand development is about taking the assets and opportunities you already have, and amplifying them. It’s about working with a brand specialist agency – the people who know how to answer the questions we started with; shaping a brand strategy that will ensure your brand is differentiated in a crowded market; and ensuring your value is understood by your most important audiences, inside and out.

You’ve got the vision. Our team of brand development experts will bring it to life, maximising your business success and setting you on the path to brand greatness.