Reflecting on 25 Years

Twenty-five years ago in 1993, Mariah Carey reigned over our airwaves, Diesel had changed our lives with the realisation that men’s jeans could be sexy, and Jurassic Park was the name on everyone’s lips. Brand was swiftly becoming recognised as an omnipotent force in consumer culture—and it was this same year that Voice was founded.

Brand by Voice (as it was known back then) opened its doors in Wellington, driven by the insight that difference matters because difference sells. It was a pioneering idea in New Zealand at the time, but when Kiwi companies began to see business growth as a direct result of our brand work with them, Voice also began to grow. Some of the projects pivotal to our early success included rebranding Bell South to Vodafone, creating the strategy for 100% Pure New Zealand, taking on AMP banking for Australia and New Zealand, and merging Ansett and Air New Zealand. 

Today, with offices in Auckland and Melbourne, a slight name change and multiple international awards in tow, we have remained true to our difference matters notion. And while others have cottoned on to it by now, we’re proud to say we’re still the specialists, because for 25 years we’ve been harnessing the power of brand to accelerate business performance—and loving every minute of it.