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Helping Craft Beer Market Great Beer

In this age of content led marketing, client O-I Glass saw an opportunity to join the conversation with struggling Kiwi and Aussie craft beer makers who were talking about how to position, brand, market and sell their much-loved product.

Craft beer makers are nuts about beer, the brewing process and how to achieve creative taste profiles. Yet brand and marketing smarts often elude them and they become immersed in a print, digital and social nightmare that sucks up any small profits they happen to make.

Enter and Websites dedicated to the branding and marketing of craft beer. Developed by industry experts to act as a step by step, wall to wall resource that covers all phases of the branding process including; positioning, naming, values development, logo and packaging design. 

Strategically, the site immediately places O-I Glass in the enviable position as an industry ally and solutions provider – giving passionate beer makers the ability to concentrate more heavily on things they do best.

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