Brand Strategy, Logo Design, Marketing Comms & Website Design

Location, Sydney. A well established consulting firm with a pointy offering wanted to revitalise their brand presence and widen their appeal to ensure the brand communicated their value-add approach. Working with Sydney agency partner, Protocol Global Consulting, Voice intuitively understood the leap the client wanted to make. Situated in one of the worlds busiest B2B arenas, the combination of a confident offering, an accomplished portfolio and an enviable contact book – needed to be all brought together into a cohesive approach that could carry all components of brand forward.

Looking for process involvement, Protocol/Voice staged the development to ensure the client could be hands-on. From strategy, through logo and collateral design to website development, agencies and client worked to clarify content, refine designs and ensure the client had something workable that they were proud of. The Helmsman brand is now set for the coming years. Contemporary, articulate and promise conveying.

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