Music Up Close

Brand Strategy, Naming, Logo Design & Marketing Comms

The development of a dual brand for Chamber Music New Zealand (CMNZ) was part of the creative partnership with CMNZ. While CMNZ remains the presenting organisation, Music Up Close and Puoro Taupiri were developed as the new consumer-facing sister brands used to engage audiences.

Voice and CMNZ have worked closely with Te Haumihiata Mason, former Kaitiaki Reo of Te Taura Whiri i te Reo Māori (Māori Language Commission) to select Puoro Taupiri – ‘puoro’ meaning music and ‘taupiri’ meaning intimacy or closeness, from a range of options presented as the partner phrase for Music Up Close. “Our approach was to develop two sister logos, one in English and one Te Reo that looked the same visually and had a similar word structure for visual balance,” says Sagar, “but they also had to mean the same thing and have the same benefits. That wasn’t a straightforward task but it was very important that it was correct. We are really pleased with the result.”

“We are a uniquely New Zealand organisation, a genuine champion of this country’s multicultural society,” says CMNZ CEO Peter Walls. “We needed to communicate our respect and eagerness to engage with our developing cultural landscape, starting with our indigenous heritage. By creating a duo logo identity and integrating Te Reo Māori we hope to illustrate our commitment to treasuring Māori culture and Te Reo Māori as our taonga and connecting with communities across Aotearoa.”

“The refreshed brand also uses typography designed to reflect the lyricism and essential nature of music itself,” says Voice’s Creative Director, Sean McGarry.

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