Property Press

Brand Strategy, Logo Design & Marketing Comms

Media giant, Bauer Media, are New Zealand’s largest and most influential publisher and owner of Property Press – the most successful property publication in the country. Part of an industry where shrinking title equity and readerships are common, Property Press continues to experience year-on-year growth and customer relevance. But even for them, things had begun to change.

Although very successful, decision makers had begun to feel the title wasn’t maximising its opportunity and needed a freshen-up. Initially, underwhelmed by their first design attempts, Voice was recommended to Bauer based on our property portfolio and experience in the real estate industry. Since the rebrand, Property Press has become more relevant than ever, in a world where print media is on the decline. In December 2014, the Property Press Central Auckland printed the largest issue ever – in fact this issue became so heavy (over 1Kg per copy), that it could no longer be delivered door-to-door!

“Voice have delivered more than we imagined and have become a valued partner of business helping to bring all of our collateral and branding to the next level.”

Jason Hussey

Commercial Manager