Brand Strategy, Naming & Logo Design

Quotable Value New Zealand ( QV ) was a project that brought a government agency out into the market. Jonathan Sagar and agency were charged with developing a new name, brand and identity that was clear, memorable and catered to the vision of the new company board.

Stakeholders were inspired to change the vernacular of a nation. ‘GV’, the term that Kiwis used to describe the government rated value of their homes, was the term the project team looked to change over time.

A new brand and visual identity were created to communicate and solidify the naming strategy and aspirations of the brand. Although developed some year ago, the logo, after undergoing a number of refreshers, still remains true to its initial concept.

“Voice took up the challenge to create a new name and brand for our organisation. They delivered a name beyond our expectations - we could not be more pleased.”

Bil Osborne


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