Ti Tonics

Brand Strategy, Logo Design & Packaging

When health psychologist Dr Tracey King partnered with scientific research company BioDiscovery NZ Ltd to create a new functional health beverage, they approached Voice to develop a name, logo and design to launch the product into the Australasian market.

“The functional beverage category was already crowded with drinks claiming to deliver health benefits,” explains Jonathan Sagar. “However when Dr Tracey approached us we immediately saw the opportunity to position this product as truly unique. The science behind its combination of polyphenols and powerful antioxidants gave it the ability to redefine the FMCG market.” And so ‘Ti Tonics’ was born. Voice positioned the brand to speak of health and goodness, backed by proven scientific research.

“The brand combined BioDiscovery’s natural Kiwi ingenuity with beautiful product branding, packaging and advertising concepts that drove home the benefits of the beverage’s powerful ingredients.” In 2012, the Ti Tonics range was successfully launched into the Australasian market, and today leads the charge in the functional beverage category.

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