Jonathan Sagar


As one of New Zealand's leading brand specialists, Jonathan has developed Voice from a one-man design agency to one of Australasia's most innovative and respected brand consultancies. With teams in Auckland, Melbourne and Sydney specialising in the development of robust and insightful brand strategies, Jonathan’s leadership and intuitive approach to business issues are sought after to provide clarity and direction to some of the region's best loved brands. His desire to innovate, challenge convention and problem solve has seen him establish industry trust and respect and develop client relationships which have lasted over 30 years.

Sean McGarry

Creative Director

When it comes to commercial creativity and design, not many have the depth of pedigree that Sean has. 20+ years as a creative and business leader including 15 years as a director of one of Wellington’s best known design houses, being a fellow and past president of the Designers Institute of New Zealand (DINZ) as well as judging in New Zealand’s prestigious design and print awards means Sean’s capability and experience is definitive and unarguable.

Richie Hartness

Design Director

It would be fair to say that branding is in Richie’s DNA. He has been designing, developing and delivering high profile, award winning brands for over 20 years in New Zealand and the United Kingdom. His down to earth personality and dry sense of humour bring a sense of levity to his work but when it comes to the nitty gritty of brand design he believes in beautiful design that’s relevant and communicates with clarity and purpose.

Neil Sparksman

Managing Director

Neil understands relationships – between agency and client, brands and consumers, and between strategy and creative execution. A driven problem solver and creative thinker, he leverages his thirty years’ experience in customer service to help serve up meaningful results for the Voice client portfolio. Neil joined Voice in 2003 and today he and Jonathan co lead the agency, continuing to keep the Voice proposition relevant, meaningful and compelling to businesses.

Mark Hearne

Digital Director

A career in the advertising industry in the UK led Mark to focus on digital communications on his return to New Zealand. A strong communicator and problem solver Mark is highly experienced in web development and business management and brings a broad range of knowledge, skills and insight to his projects. His multi-skilled team of creatives and developers deliver a range of innovative digital design and development services that help to ensure that our clients’ brands succeed online. Mark’s strength lies in his ability to build trust with clients and deliver clarity whilst coordinating complex projects with a range of demands.

Adrienne Carlson

Strategy Director

A deeply experienced brand and marketing strategist, Adrienne has led teams to deliver insightful, highly effective projects in key global markets including Australasia, UK, and Asia. Now based in Sydney her experience includes senior executive roles in Hong Kong and China repositioning PCCW Global, and leading brand and communications programs for a wide range of international brands; Samsung, P&G, HSBC and Shanghai Tower.

Sara Hearne

Creative and User Experience

From studying fine arts to working in information management, Sara has a strong focus on the end user and a passion for effective and affecting visual communication. With 14 year’s experience facilitating users’ access to information and their experience online Sara brings insight and strong direction to her role working alongside the client and the developer to hone relevant and engaging solutions in the digital medium. Sara’s creative, critical thinking brings a problem solving pragmatic approach, an artistic vision and a sense of humour to projects.

Bronwyn Williams


In her past life as a journalist, Brownyn edited for national publications and penned news and features across both digital and print. As a creative she has aided the direction and repositioning of some of New Zealand’s most enduring fashion brands. Bronwyn has an appreciation for great content, and is passionate about creating strategies and brand experiences that engage, delight and convert target audiences. Her innate sense of brand, combined with her writing craft allows her to lend a unique voice and point of view as a creative copywriter.

Julie Sowter

Financial Controller

Over the past 20 years Julie has helped to nurture and grow a number of small businesses from infancy into some of the New Zealand’s leading companies. With a skill set spanning from general finance through to operations management, Julie successfully optimises performance across our complete business. Her passion for detail, financial acumen, HR and operations has ensured growth flows through to the bottom line while maintaining a special, sought after business culture.

Hannah Dear

Client Service

Fresh from tertiary studies, Hannah joined Voice in 2016 as part of the Client Service team. A natural relationship builder, Hannah has used her skill to build strong trusted relationships with her client base, and her critical thinking to support the development of some of Voice's outstanding, award winning work. Hannah is dedicated, a strong communicator and clarity seeker. You’ll be pressed to find someone with as much energy for commercial creativity, or who has such broad understanding of multiple marketing disciplines.

Katharine Egarr

Client Service

With a design and brand management background forged in the fashion industries in New York, London and Sydney, Katharine (Kat) is no stranger to idealistic creativity shoehorned into unbelievable deadlines. Her experience has taught her the connection between customer perception and creativity, and where those two places meet. Having spent the last 7 years working in these international hotspots, Kat returned home to begin a career in the commercial creativity sector. Her experience managing projects is multi-platform, with serious digital, social and content experience that utilizes a strong and diverse skill set to step into a client service role at Voice.

Matt Chinn

Graphic Designer

Matt joined Voice directly from his tertiary studies at the end of 2015. Initially hired as a contractor, it was Matt’s ability to handle large workload, multiple tasking at pace, and thrive, that drew directors' interest. He was immediately hired and has been a central piece of the Voice studio since. Matt enjoys the intensity of the Voice studio, using his precise nature and solid communication skills to strengthen all supplier and client relationships, delivering 'right first time’ work consistently.

Daisy Zou

Graphic Designer

Daisy started her design obsession at Auckland’s AUT University studying a graphic design and advertising degree. She then moved to Germany to the prestigious Koln International School of Design to further her skill and exposure developing a clean, contemporary approach to design. In Perth Australia, Daisy began her career gathering valuable experience in publication, client-side and agency-side environments, before making the definitive decision to follow her passion for brand and identity design. Voice met Daisy in early 2017, where her passion for brand and uncluttered aesthetic turned her into an immediate hire.

Matt James

Graphic Designer

Interning at Voice in 2017, post tertiary, was the lever Matt needed to start his agency career. Voice directors were impressed by Matt's personal drive and ability to articulate his career aspirations. Since being made full time, Matt’s capability has grown exponentially, gaining valuable studio experience across a range of brands and disciplines. Matt has the perfect combination of personality, collaborative style and aesthetic that makes him right for the agency-land environment.   


Office Greeter

Harry Winston takes his job very seriously, ensuring that all visitors to the Voice office are greeted appropriately. This varies from a quiet canter down the hallway to meet you, to a full on, all bells and whistles barking welcome. In between greeting duties Harry can be found on various laps in the office or attending meetings in the big room.