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Now and then, work is done that changes a category. The strategy behind 100% PURE New Zealand was groundbreaking and award-winning in a sector and time when the country’s brands were positioned on external factors: heritage, landscape, and iconic structures.

Voice strategists led a team that, in six short weeks, developed a new way of thinking about tourism brands. To overcome the tyranny of distance, time and cost – New Zealand is a long way from almost everywhere – we needed a powerful draw-card that shifted the positioning from beautiful scenery (just like Canada, Switzerland and a multitude of other destinations) to something of more lasting value to the traveller.

Driven by the insight that tourists were becoming travellers, we moved the proposition from observing and consuming to an immersive emotional platform. Outbound visitor research supported our thinking – visitors to New Zealand were experiencing something unexpected, emotional, personal, and lasting.

The nature of the experience and the impact of the land and its people on the traveller is life-changing. Hence, ‘100% Pure’ – natural, energizing, and personal – the inward and the outward journey are perfectly aligned. The brand has stood the test of time thanks, in part, to the work that continues to be done by the New Zealand Tourism industry to ensure it remains true to its promise. The Voice team continues to create strategies and brands for iconic tourism enterprises, including the Singapore Tourism Board, Great Train Journeys, Southern Discoveries, GreatSights and more.

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