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GreatSights Bay of Islands has attracted tourists to their products since the 1960s. Recently, competition has grown as new entrants have ramped up activity and attracted customers through product discounting.

Voice has worked with GreatSights since 2012 to ensure they meet their competition head-on. Uninterested in discounting to achieve higher volumes, GreatSights engaged customers through a compelling suite of products and well-executed collateral.

Fullers GreatSights underwent a rebrand in 2016, and Voice was there to ensure its realisation throughout their collateral. Images of blue/green seas and active marine life became necessary, as did the overall colour palette to stimulate interest on the brochure rack. Our approach also included full-bleed, double-page spread images, contemporary iconography, and guest fonts, creating a sense of fun, adventure, and a promise of a perfect day out.

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