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When Carter Holt Harvey rebranded to Oji Fibre Solutions, the signage and wayfinding were the most significant expressions of change in this major acquisition.

With the brand strategy and visual identity complete. Voice developed and managed an entire signage programme with extensive guidelines for all locations across two countries, three large working mills and four business units, including vehicles and marine.

A dedicated team, consistent reverse engineering of the overarching concepts, and a thorough feedback mechanism meant the project was expressed seamlessly and quickly into the real, pragmatic world of Oji Fibre Solutions. Complex activation necessitated a highly collaborative loop between client, design and signage companies, achieving consistent application and installation of over 2,000 signs in less than six months.

The result is a robust and modern-looking work environment, achieving staff engagement with the change of ownership through tangible wayfinding systems. Earning international industry acclaim, Voice and Oji Fibre Solutions won the gold award for ‘best wayfinding or signage’ at the 2017 Transform Awards Asia-Pacific.

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