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Post Haste is an express package business that’s been serving New Zealand locally, nationally and internationally since 1988. Part of the Freightways Group, Post Haste needed to stand proud and claim its place within a complex brand architecture and within a highly competitive marketplace.

With a long history of real customer service and care, Post Haste is known for going the extra mile and developing customised, tailored solutions for its client base. As a result, the business has become known for taking ownership of its relationships, being human in its dealings, and having the nimbleness and flexibility that customers look for.

We helped Post Haste realise the power behind being who they authentically were – then articulating this in a competitive strategy for the brand. Post Haste’s USP was its ability to connect with its customers and make its network work for them. A visual identity refresh was also launched in 2019 that included a thoughtful evolution of the quintessential Kiwi look and feel that New Zealanders knew and loved. By retaining the iconography of New Zealand and combining it with the notion of speed, friendliness and accessibility, we have set the business up for the next stage in its evolution.

We helped Post Haste understand the place they occupied in the Freightways product mix and how to segment their offering more accurately to their broader customer base.

Jonathan Sagar, Voice Principal

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