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The challenge for Voice was to take a well-established and experienced property developer onto his next phase. Distinguished Auckland property developer Nigel McKenna was looking for an identity, name, and brand expression reflecting his property development approach.

Nigel is one of New Zealand’s most experienced developers, with several high-profile developments under his belt: Auckland Viaduct, the Metropolis, DFS Galleria, Shed 5 in Wellington, Beaumont Quarter and North Stratis at Lighter Quay, to name a few. His reputable heritage was something Voice didn’t want to lose in the brand process.

Voice’s approach was to build on and accentuate the strengths of Nigel’s pivotal involvement in some of the most successful developments in New Zealand. With such a legacy, it needed a name to express this excellence and accomplishment; Templeton became the name to take the brand forward. The logo draws inspiration from classic architectural forms and monumental structures; it is a pure expression of purpose and enduring certainty. The visual identity is subtle and classic, with a contemporary edge.

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