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Traveller’s Aid is a unique not-for-profit that has been active in the Victorian public transport network for over 100 years.

Initially set up to assist Victorian ladies and young children in negotiating public transport and identifying safe accommodation, Travellers Aid has evolved and adapted to fulfil a broader objective of helping people travelling in Victoria make daily journeys.

Deep consultation into heritage and an understanding of meaning was important to this not-for-profit brand. And the translation of that into contemporary themes that the Victorian commuting public could understand, was the nub of the job ahead.

‘Enabling Everyday Journeys’ became the line that would galvanise the organisation’s extraordinary efforts. A bright, modern colour palette and sophisticated typeface were chosen to ensure visibility and message clarity. All to ensure that Travellers Aid could remain relevant to travellers for the foreseeable future.     

VOICE was honoured to partner with Traveller’s Aid to help create the new brand strategy, logo design, visual identity, and marketing communications.

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