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In 1998, Voice led the development and articulation of inspirational values, defining the internal branding and overlaying the foundation values, including excellence and integrity at Vodafone NZ.

We created a major internal communications programme to lead transformation through employee engagement with the values and brand purpose. As a result, it transformed Vodafone’s physical work environment. More recently, the Vodafone brand was under-performing in Australia against a dominant competitor, Telstra. Vodafone needed to build a difference in the minds of consumers and B2B markets. Voice saw that competitor strength also came with perceptions of ”poor service experience” and the complacent brand attitude of the long-term market leader. As a ”challenger” brand, Vodafone had the opportunity to stand out through closer identification with what the customer wanted.

The Voice team played a key role in this great performance, helping us build the brand and values of the organisation…Voice helped us with great internal brand and culture alignment in Vodafone Australia.


Our approach was to start inside the business, beginning with the leadership team. Grahame Maher, the CEO responsible for leading dramatic business performance in New Zealand, was appointed to lead the Australian business and brought the Voice team with him. Together, we transformed Vodafone’s corporate internal culture to one based firmly on values developed and refined at internal workshops, delivering a solid alignment of brand/company/personal values. Intentionally aligning people and culture, internal communications, service providers and external partners with the values resulted in a new consistency and energy behind a fresh external brand promise. Vodafone began to deliver difference, and customer numbers and revenues began tracking in the right direction, positioning them as a natural alternative in both consumer and B2B markets.

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