OJI Fibre Solutions

Brand Strategy, Logo Design, Internal Comms, Marketing Comms & Signage

When Carter Holt Harvey rebranded to OJI Fibre Solutions, Voice exercised its talent of finding clarity in one of New Zealand’s biggest and most complex rebrands. Beyond the development of the brand externally, consideration needed to be given to how the brand (and new name) would be communicated internally. Voice developed a small but concentrated communication plan that would help the brand grow positively in the minds of its caretakers.

Voice seamlessly integrated the global OJI brand into one of Australasia’s leading producers of pulp, paper and fibre based packaging, helping to create a new inspirational company built on a solid heritage, thus enabling them to move forward with fresh ideas and optimism. Brand strategy and visual identity complete, Oji Fibre Solutions moved their attention to the implementation of the new signage programme across their eight independent business units.

A dedicated team, consistent reverse engineering of the overarching concepts and a thorough feedback mechanism meant the project expressed easily and quickly into the real, pragmatic world of Oji Fibre Solutions. Complex activation necessitated a highly collaborative loop between client, design and signage companies – collectively achieving a result to be proud of.

“Voice helped shape our brand story and ensured that our 1,800 staff were fully engaged, enabling us to transform without leaving all that we valued behind.”

Stephanie Mackie

HR Manager