Brand Strategy, Naming, Logo Design, Marketing Comms & Website Design

Originally known as ‘Dive, Fish, Snow’, Voice were engaged in October 2016 to rename and rebrand this well established travel company in order to create an overarching brand within which it’s many offerings could sit comfortably. Through our research, we discovered that although the company had a very loyal customer base and was doing extremely well already, a sense of brand was missing for both the customers and the agents themselves. The challenge was to create an umbrella brand which would retain the company’s heritage and passion whilst enabling them to grow. 

‘Travel&Co’ was chosen as a name to encompass all of the client’s expertise and strengthen the brand to create a clear selling tool for the agents. ‘&Co’ was developed as a way of communicating customer care and ‘being in good company’ both in terms of their travel and their choice of agency - a clear articulation of the clients experienced, passionate consultants and a high performing USP in our conducted research.