• Brand value proposition
  • Values and beliefs
  • Vision and purpose
  • Cultural strategy
  • Name development
  • Brand architecture
  • Brand positioning
  • Brand personality and tone of voice
  • Brand story and narrative
  • Segmentation narrative

Several disciplines sit within Voice’s strategic capability.

Vision and purpose development 
Clear direction and focus serve as a compass that guides decision-making and strategy, helping you explain and engage your people in a brand promise. A well-defined vision and purpose will align employee efforts, ensuring everyone works towards a common objective. New Zealand’s financial regulator, Financial Markets Authority (FMA), knew this when they asked Voice to help them articulate a new vision and purpose encompassing their move to a more outcomes-focused model with a Te Ao Maori lens. Other vision and purpose projects include OneFortyOne, APM, NAB, Southern Cross, KiwiSo, Barfoot & Thompson KPMG, MEO Air, Freightways and Frucor Suntory

Activation of your business strategy
“Brand strategy is a business strategy made visible” is our standard call. If long-term growth and sustainability is your goal, moving beyond strategy to activation is vital. A brand strategy does just that by articulating how your competitive advantage translates as brand uniqueness and differentiation, how customer engagement translates to a brand experience and how financial impacts translate to brand equity and brand value propositions. New Zealand Couriers knew this when Voice helped bring their business strategy to life by developing a tagline, brand story and key messaging. Other strategy projects include Freightways Group, Cates Grain and Seed, Travel & Co, Shotover Jet, Property Brokers, Endless Metals and Southern Discoveries.

Values development 
Values lead to behaviour that aligns with who you are as an organisation. Lift employee engagement with a set of brand-aligned values that your team connects with and that speaks to them in authentic and accessible ways. The New Zealand Commerce Commission knew this when Voice helped them develop a set of values to support their transition into newer ways of working that included a Te Ao Maori lens. Other values projects include the Frucor Suntory, Financial Markets Authority, Te Pou, and the Real Estate Authority.

In today’s crowded marketplace, a strong brand strategy helps you stand out. It defines what makes you unique, articulated as a value proposition that resonates with your customers. 

Differentiation drives preference and choice, allowing your customers to choose you over your competitor. Property Brokers knew this when they came to Voice to help them find true differentiation in a crowded, national real estate market. Other projects when differentiation was key include Crane Brothers, NOW Couriers, Post Haste, Aunt Jeans, OI Glass and Farmers

Customer expectations and experiences
What your brand promises and what your customers expect are related concepts, yet the difference lies in their origin. Your brand promise is the intentional commitment made by you. Your customer expectations are the subjective beliefs and desires held by your customers. Aligning your promise with your customer’s expectations is essential for building a brand and delivering a positive customer experience.

Shotover Jet

We helped Ngai Tahu Tourism to express brand differentiation in a way that tapped deeply into research insights - a strategy to lead the invigoration of a brand with messages of authenticity, excitement, experiential difference and a broader appeal for families. Ownership of the towering rock faces of Skippers Cannon joined with a deep cultural narrative around the Ngai Tahu people and their spiritual connection to the river. The result was a strategy that answered the everything-in-one needs of the Queenstown tourist.

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