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A great brand is a powerful asset. It changes how you are seen and how you are valued. It shapes your presence in the market and the way you think and work as a brand culture. As a specialist brand agency we absolutely get what’s at stake and what’s possible. If you’re looking to build or adapt your brand to make it as strong as it can be, use our experience to your advantage. 

We have a specific focus on the strategy, development and launch of brands with the potential to be great in their market places

Our sole focus is creating, evolving and transforming brands. We’re proud to say they’ve had our full attention for 25 years, because nothing beats defining the core of a great brand, then bringing it to life.

It’s always about clarity. It’s the first thing our clients want and the starting point for strong foundations and focus. We untangle complicated problems, then define and build smart brands based on strategically led, creative thinking. That takes experience and persistence, so you’ll always have senior people working on your brand, from start to finish.

For the joy of it. All brands change and morph, provoked by any number of reasons. We know the trigger points well because we’ve been devoted to brands for a long time. Which brings us to our final point. We’re so invested in brands because we genuinely love what we do and you’ll experience that in the way we work – we take it seriously and we make it fun.

For over 25 years Voice has been leading brand explorations to shape brand purpose, creating brand experiences that translate directly into business results.

Voice achieves a powerhouse performance

Voice won two gold, a silver, and two bronze awards for its brand strategy work at the Transform Awards Asia-Pacific 2018 held in Hong Kong on the 21 November.

6 reasons to choose us

1. Capability
Great brands are not created by chance or a ‘flash of inspiration’ or analytics. They are built by capable teams who know what the components of success look like and understand how to define and deliver on them. Voice is an international award-winning brand agency with a team that is experienced, collaborative, organised and capable.

A great brand is a powerful asset. It changes how you are seen and how you are valued. It shapes your presence in the market and the way you think and work as a brand culture. As a specialist brand agency we absolutely get what’s at stake and what’s possible.

2. Clarity
Great brands have a simplicity and clarity that sets them apart. Clarity is the essence of what we deliver: for brand owners, investors and business leaders, for consumers, influencers, partners and most importantly employees. Brands strive for differentiation. We focus on delivering clarity on what your brand stands for, defining the experience you’ll deliver, the meaning and purpose for your culture. That clarity creates aspiration and loyalty.

3. Curiosity
For a brand to become a powerful business asset and a source of accelerated performance, you need a team that is deeply connected to what matters to people, and the changing world. Our team bring an informed, aware, insightful world-view that’s specific and relevant to your brand and its audiences. That’s what sets us apart and enables us to deliver ideas that stand the test of time.

4. Insight
Our experience means we quickly identify the underlying truth that will shape an effective strategy. Then we test it against the evidence; customer needs, market trends, competitor positions. A compelling insight is the driver for exciting, beautifully crafted and relevant world-class creative execution.

5. Commercially savvy
We ‘get’ business, and understand the pressures, constraints and opportunities you face. While we’re passionate exponents of the creative process, there’s an even greater satisfaction when all the elements come together and business performance accelerates.

6. Collaboration & leadership
Knowing when to listen deeply and when to speak out with clarity is the hallmark of the ‘trusted advisor’. We are known for our ability to collaborate, providing leadership where required, and working in a personable, engaging and inclusive way. We know how to navigate the issues and challenges inherent in projects where there are multiple stakeholders and priorities with an open, direct and flexible approach that focuses on the best outcome.

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