Ministry of Transport

Articulating a case for change

The Upper North Island Supply Chain Strategy (UNISCS) working group wanted to commit their thoughts to a public-facing paper on their chosen solution for the Auckland port.

The document needed to a be compelling visual representation of a complex strategy, clearly articulating the existing issues and how the working group saw the solution panning out. Benefits were obviously important, as was the need to understand the audience - ministers, members of parliament, mayors and councillors, media, Iwi and the public at large. A strong, well considered document for a controversial subject with multiple interested parties and stakeholders.

The language Voice used built the case for change via straight forward, benefit-driven words that firmly upheld the strategic intent, with infographics and visually compelling maps presented on a 16 panel fold-out, A2 reveal format.

The UNISCS has been taken into review by the NZ government in November 2019 and the Ministry of Transport has been instructed to undertake a further technical and financial analysis of the strategy.

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